5. Chumley’s still serves alcohol hidden in tea cups

Since Chumley’s was such a popular spot during Prohibition, it often served alcohol hidden in items like brown paper bags and even tea cups. The current beverage director brought back that tradition for customers, with the tasty concoction called “This Side of Paradise” (featuring white rum, jasper’s mix, byrrh and lime) which is served in porcelain tea cups — though you don’t have to worry about hiding it anymore!

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2 thoughts on “The Top 10 Secrets of Chumley’s, the Greenwich Village Speakeasy from 1922

  1. No, Chumley’s DID NOT coin the term “86” (eighty-six). The first known citation (in Walter Winchell’s column) came from California, and was found by me years ago. Before anyone says that Chumley’s coined “86,” shouldn’t there be one piece of documentary evidence presented?

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