6. Chumley’s closed in 2007 when a CHIMNEY fell through the roof

Chumley’s before, photo courtesy Chumley’s.

What ultimately led to Chumley’s closing in 2007 was a CHIMNEY crashing through the ceiling! Though no one was hurt, it marked a concrete issue that required work to be done, after years of being rather run down. Unfortunately, it also gave the opportunity for more logistical issues to come to the surface, like permits and petitions from neighborhood locals.

Though it took nearly 10 years, it is back now up and running with a fancier menu, but with lots of the same charm and homey atmosphere still intact. 

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2 thoughts on “The Top 10 Secrets of Chumley’s, the Greenwich Village Speakeasy from 1922

  1. No, Chumley’s DID NOT coin the term “86” (eighty-six). The first known citation (in Walter Winchell’s column) came from California, and was found by me years ago. Before anyone says that Chumley’s coined “86,” shouldn’t there be one piece of documentary evidence presented?

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