7. The walls are decorated with vintage book jackets, and over 200 faces of writers who visited

Because of its literary clientele, it was a tradition for Leland Chumley to paste up book jackets of his patrons on the wall once their works were published. This is a tradition that lasted through 2007, and something Borgognone wanted to replicate in the restored space.

Archivist James DiPaolo (more on him later) saved many jackets from the original building and helped restore it to its former glory, though some are only copies of the originals since many were destroyed over time. There are also over 200 faces of writers who visited in portraits along the walls (see how many you can name by sight when you go)!

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2 thoughts on “The Top 10 Secrets of Chumley’s, the Greenwich Village Speakeasy from 1922

  1. No, Chumley’s DID NOT coin the term “86” (eighty-six). The first known citation (in Walter Winchell’s column) came from California, and was found by me years ago. Before anyone says that Chumley’s coined “86,” shouldn’t there be one piece of documentary evidence presented?

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