7. National Breweries

While Prohibition prevailed in the United States, north of the border National Breweries Limited was prospering and constructed a new home office in 1931. Similar to Police and Fire Station 10 by Shorey and Ritchie, with a location close to Downtown Montreal, architect Harold L. Fetherstonhaugh and his client opted for a conservative monochrome stone cladding with subtle vertical and horizontal character.

National Breweries: Brewing Related Reliefs

It also has extensive ornament in the form of bas-reliefs and metalwork above the doors. In a city full of interesting Art Deco detailing, National Breweries has some of the best, with a blend of typical motifs such as octagons and chevrons together with beer related items including hops and their vines, barley, malt, and three mash paddles (a logo used by one of the company’s brands). Being “national,” there are maple leaves too.

It is now an office building and as such not generally open to the public, but reportedly it retains many of its exquisite original details including marble and metal detailing.