7. Street Art Inside the Equitable Building

Equitable Building street art on the 3rd floorPhoto by Joe Woolhead courtesy Silverstein Properties

The Equitable Building at 120 Broadway is one of the most storied buildings in New York City, single-handedly responsible for the creation of the first zoning code (people were afraid the building’s scale would lead to more like buildings and cast a permanent shadow on lower Manhattan).  It recently went through a massive renovation, with a restored lobby, new 40th floor cafe and rooftop space.

The third floor of the Equitable Building, used as an open space that serves as the building’s marketing center where prospective tenants are taken through on tours, was recently painted with a plethora of street art murals, including pieces by Lynne Yun, Michael Iver Jacobson, Pablo Ancona, Sam Meyerson, and Sebastien Dauchez. The New York City-based artists took inspiration from the city and from Lower Manhattan, and you’ll find visual references to New York City taxi cabs, to Broadway, and more. The space is also used for film and photo shoots. 120 Broadway is owned by Silverstein Properties, which also included street art activations at the World Trade Center.