Header photo courtesy Dumbgood

The last of the Blockbuster Video stores closed in 2014 (apart from a last private franchise in Bend, Oregon) but its place in pop culture remains. With its nationwide reach, at 1,700 stores at its peak, Blockbuster helped an entire generation grow up with access to movie rentals before the era of DVD by mail and then streaming. Its yellow and blue branding heralded a Blockbuster store, usually located in some kind of strip mall, from a distance. This Friday, Dumbgood, a lifestyle brand that places itself “at the intersection of street wear and pop culture” is opening a pop up Blockbuster shop at 13 Crosby Street in Soho.

Items in the Blockbuster video pop up in NYC, including backpack, nalgene, and VHS themed itemsPhoto courtesy Dumbgood

The store will be styled to be reminiscent of the old franchise video stores. Although you can’t rent any movies at the pop up Blockbuster, you can buy recreations of the Blockbuster VHS rental boxes or one styled into an iPhone case. There is a plethora of Blockbuster branded clothing and items, along with merchandise from classic ’90s hits like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Cruel Intentions, and Titanic, and a new release of the exclusive Seinfeld collaboration. Merch highlights include “Be Kind, Rewind” tube socks, a gold-plated VHS chain necklace, Nalgene water bottles, a vintage-style backpack.

Blockbuster video pop up in NYCPhoto courtesy Dumbgood

Dumbgood co-founders Amelia Muqbel and Justin Deanda explain about the collaboration that “Our mission is to help people transcend brand and trend, using cultural affinity to express their individuality. We produce officially licensed collaboration with the brands that shaped our youth.”

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