Header photo by Inna Shnayder, courtesy of ZeroSpace  

This winter, there is a new way to experience ZeroSpace, an alternate dimension accessed via a mysterious portal next to Penn Station. You can opt for the full immersive experience of The Show, or explore the interactive art in The ZeroSpace Museum. The Show at ZeroSpace is akin to a sci-fi Sleep No More, a narrative driven immersive experience which blends interactive theatrical elements with fantastical light displays and mesmerizing, hi-tech play stations. The ZeroSpace Museum allows you to experience all of the amazing art, without the narrative element.

Photograph by Inna Shnayder, Courtesy of ZeroSpace  

Your mission, should you choose to accept it by joining The Show, is to explore the unknown reality known as ZeroSpace. The experience starts with a briefing by special agents from the secret government task force Z-14. After the briefing you will travel through you take a mind-bending journey through the portal and emerge into a 25,000-square-foot space with multiple rooms to explore. On this self-guided extra-dimensional trip, no cell phones or photography are allowed. “What lies beyond the portal is to be experienced, not recorded.”

Curiosity is rewarded as you walk through ZeroSpace. You are encouraged to wander and get lost, but don’t forget you are on a mission. Special agents and extraterrestrial beings mingle throughout the space with you and your fellow explorers. You may be asked to report your findings, or you may be called into a room for an interview with one of the creatures. On our first Untapped New York Insiders visit, a few of our members got to interact with the masked beings one-on-one.

Lace-like art installation that fills the room with light at ZeroSpacePhotograph by Inna Shnayder, Courtesy of ZeroSpace  

If you would rather experience the visuals of the show with out extraterrestrial interference, you can opt for the The ZeroSpace Museum. At the ZeroSpace Museum, you will see all of the spaces available in The Show, without the narrative aspect. Each room in the space offers a unique experience. In one room you will see The Birth Of The Universe by the artistic duo Hybycozo. The installation is made up of an entrancing lace-like pendant that casts a soft patterned glow over the entire room. Another space you mays tumble upon is an infinity room of rotating lasers by Tundra. There are also technicolor wheels of light, an augmented reality sandbox, an installation made from over 100,000 feet of nylon twine, and so many more surprises to discover.

Photograph by Inna Shnayder, Courtesy of ZeroSpace  

ZeroSpace also host a series of private events. Everything from yoga to late night parties can be held in the space. The next event is a concert of “interplanetary music transmissions” from artists such as Britta Arnold, Forever Jung, and more. You can purchase tickets for that event here.

Tickets for The Show and The ZeroSpace Museum can be purchased online. If you are an Untapped New York Insider, you can join us for a free visit on December 18th where you will experience The Show. Not an Insider yet? Become a member today to gain access to behind-the-scenes tours and special events all year long.


Graphic art projected onto the wall at ZeroSpacePhotograph by Inna Shnayder, Courtesy of ZeroSpace  

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