That’s right, an adorable sloth has been making the Brooklyn Children’s Museum home. Roger the Sloth, is part of the exhibition Survival of the Slowest up until February 2nd. The exhibit is located on the top floor of the museum, which could be easily missed amidst the enticing world available to children on the lower levels. In addition to Roger, you can see a hedgehog, a chameleon, a blood python, a roughneck monitor lizard, and more within 19 distinct habitats. But Roger, a two-toed sloth who hails from Central America, is clearly the star. Between Christmas and New Year’s, a gaggle of children watched raptly as Roger was shown in one of the daily educational programs.

Roger the Sloth at the Brooklyn Children's Museum

Roger sat on a pillow, and was even flipped upside down, by a staffer from Little Ray’s Nature Centres in Canada, the exhibition company the Brooklyn Children’s Museum partnered with to make Survival of the Slowest possible. You can’t touch Roger, but you can take photos with him.

Survival of the Slowest at the Brooklyn Children's Museum

Roger the Sloth at the Brooklyn Children's Museum

The goal of Survival of the Slowest is to show how even small and slow species survive in environments were the strong, fast, and largest animals sit at the top of the food chain. According to the Brooklyn Children’s Museum, “Survival of the Slowest prompts families to appreciate the different evolutionary paths of these incredible creatures, and showcases the value of deliberation in our fast-paced city.”

The Brooklyn Children’s Museum is located in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. Discover 10 hidden gems in Crown Heights on your visit to the museum!