8. Ailene Fields, Once Upon a Time and The Frog Prince in Dag Hammarskjold Plaza

Aielene Fields, Once Upon a Time and the Frog PrinceImage courtesy of Six Summit Gallery

Located in Dag Hammarskjold Plaza on East 47th Street, named after the United Nations Secretary-General who died in an airplane crash en route to the Congo, Ailene Fields’ Once Upon a Time and and The Frog Prince puts a whimsical twist on the public space, with a larger-than-life frog prince and a fairy located on a branch.

According to NYC Parks, Fields has been fascinated since she was a child by ancient Greek and Roman mythology: “Taking harsh materials such as bronze and stone and transforming them into gentle characters is a major goal for the artist. It is a process of finding what has been trapped within since time immemorial and allowing it to reveal itself to the world.” Once Upon a Time and and The Frog Prince will be up until April 26, 2020.