One of the highlights of the Equitable Building’s recent extensive restoration, including a rehabilitated lobby, street art mecca, and new rooftop lounge, is the display of vintage typewriters inside the Bankers Club on the 40th floor. This space, formerly an exclusive private dining location has been opened up to building employees and features a coffee bar and restaurant. It’s a gorgeous, light-filled space with a variety of seating to work or eat lunch from or have meetings, including tables, countertops, and couches.

Bankers Club at the Equitable Building

History lovers will particularly appreciate the collection of vintage typewriters which sit on the windowsills, including Underwood, Remington, Royal, and Smith-Corona models. They’re placed right above the countertop seats that wrap around the Bankers Club, which once hosted guests like Queen Elizabeth II and Winston Churchill. There’s even a vintage cash register atop the coffee bar.  And you’ll be sitting in the very building that inspired the creation of the first zoning code for New York City (which aimed to prevent other buildings of its scale to be built).

The Equitable Building restoration was performed by Beyer Blinder Belle Architects and Planners (who also have offices in the Equitable Building) and financed by Silverstein Properties. If you’re wondering how to visit, you’ll need to either have a meeting in the building (some firms and organizations inside besides Beyer Blinder Belle include the New York City Department of City Planning, Macmillan, Handel Architects, and New York Life) or attend a private event in the Bankers Club which happen on occasion.

For more typewriter fun, you can also find a large collection of vintage typewriters inside the CUNY Journalism school building and you can step inside one of the last typewriter stores in New York City.