New York City doesn’t have its own ski resort (yet) but you can take in the vibe at the new Après Swim Runway Chalet at the TWA Hotel’s rooftop pool. The destination that made the JFK runway view look sexy has been transformed into a “1960s ski lodge-themed getaway.” The bar has been decked out in red and blue and tartan and you can sit on sheepskin in front of the vintage fireplace.

The drinks are stylishly named and aviation themed: the Idlewild Hot Toddy (named after the original name for John F. Kennedy Airport), and the Weather Delay (hot chocolate and marshmallows with vodka). Appropriate ski chalet-foods are also on the menu, with cheese or chocolate fondue. You’ll stay toasty because the bar and lounge area is enclosed for the winter. Play games like Connect 4 and chat while under warm tartan blankets. Then, take a dip in the infinity pool, which is heated to a toasty 95 degrees in the winter!

The Runway Chalet at The Pool Bar is open from 11 AM to 11 PM daily and is operated by The Gerber Group. You can make a reservation here. And finally, the TWA Pool isn’t the only place that’s transformed for winter: you can start or finish your day at the TWA Hotel by skating in the runway rink, next to the vintage Connie plane.

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All photos courtesy TWA Hotel.