Premiering tonight at 10:30 PM on Comedy Central is the show Awkwafina is Nora from Queens. Awkwafina, the Chinese-Korean-American actress, comedian and rapper recently won a Golden Globe for her performance in The Farewell and has been guest announcing the 7 train for the last week.

The scripted comedy show is semi-autobiographical, with Awkwafina as Nora Lin (her real name is Nora Lum). She plays her young adult self growing up in Queens with her grandmother (played by Lori Tann Chinn from Orange is the New Black) and father (played by BD Wong). As an Asian-American myself (Awkwafina was born in Stony Brook, where I grew up), I identified with the comedy that centers around what it’s like to grow up as a second generation Asian in America. But you don’t have to be Asian American to appreciate the show — much of the it is just the common experience of being in your ’20s in New York and not really sure what you’re doing with your life — themes seen in other comedy hits like Broad City and Master of None.

Without further ado, here are the film locations so far in Nora from Queens!

Forest Hills, Queens

Awkwafina is Nora from Queens, inside her housePhoto by Zach Dilgard courtesy Comedy Central

Nora’s house is set in the northern section of Forest Hills, closer to Flushing. The illustrated opening credits of Nora from Queens shows the intersection of Northern Boulevard and 67th Ave, likely an important spot from Awkwafina’s own past growing up here. She’s also chosen to show an image and the address of her family’s former restaurant, Lum’s located at 138-28 Northern Boulevard.

The house Nora is sharing with her grandma and father is a typical detached single-family Queens house, identical to the one next door. There’s a young neighbor who gives her some shade for still living at home (while bragging that he’s about to take his SATs…).

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  1. the last episode which is supposed to be in Beijing is actually filmed in Taipei, Taiwan!.It shows Taoyuan Airport during her arrival and her office is located in this building.
    7 Lane 58, Yuanqu Street

    Its pretty shameful they claim its China!

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