11. Flatiron Prow: Diana Lehr Surfing Beneath the Surface

Diana Lehr's video at Flatiron ProwPhoto by Richard Kranzler courtesy Cheryl McGinnis Gallery

New in the Flatiron Building‘s prow space, curated by the Cheryl McGinnis Gallery is a new installation by artist Diana Lehr. The video installation is entitled Surfing Beneath the Surface. The work has the quality of a graphic novel, showcasing a leaf floating on the surface of a moving body of water. According to Lehr’s website, she “brings into view micro-realities and things that often go unnoticed. Incorporating illusion and the defining line between what is real and what is not, her work points to the unconscious realm. Using carefully created components of perception, she delivers a visual experience, and a physiological one as opposed to a narrative or an abstract idea.”

Diana Lehr graduated from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, and a traveling scholarship she was awarded gave her the opportunity to go to Hawaii, where she writes “the dynamic quality of phenomena there had a strong influence on her artistic journey.” The Flatiron Prow is just one of the great spots within the historic Flatiron Building, which is full of many secrets and fun facts. The work has been extended and will be up until end of February.