Located in a pop-up space on Broadway on the Upper West Side, the newly opened immersive art installation 2120: An Art Experience imagines a world a hundred years from now in 2120. Experiential talent agency YTG Agency and Portion, worked in partnership with is a blockchain-driven marketplace for artists and collectors, worked with Jacob M Fisher, to create the exhibition which explores what the art world may be like in 2120, if the world is transacting on blockchain and fractional ownership.

Two women inside 2120 An Art Experience

“This is a work that belongs to everyone who experiences it,” says Jason Rosenstein, Cofounder of Portion, a blockchain marketplace for art. Richard Heby of YTG Agency says: “We’re imagining a world where shared experiences and fractional ownership are the norm.”

Figure inside 2120 An Art Experience

In addition to the experience, which features both digital dynamic projection mapping and physical stimuli, visitors will be able to register at Portion.io, where the record will be available on the blockchain for reference, transference, or sale in perpetuity. The artwork thus becomes a permanent and shareable digital artifact of a temporary physical experience. Untapped New York Insiders have been invited to experience 2120: An Art Experience for free on 3/1 or 3/3, with the 3/3 date including a talk with YTG Agency founder Richard Heby.


All photos courtesy YTG Agency.