11. Grand Central and the Campbell Apartment

Aerial view at Jazz at The Campbell in Grand CentralPhoto by Elly Garcia for Untapped New York

A scene supposed to be in Philadelphia takes place in the Campbell Apartment, which though a gorgeous space, is a somewhat unusual location to be a sub for another city since it is so recognizable as part of New York. Nonetheless, for those not yet familiar with this hidden bar inside Grand Central Terminal, it was once the private office of business tycoon John W. Campbell, a friend of “Commodore” Cornelius Vanderbilt who built Grand Central. The bar today today is known as the The Campbell.

The location choice is likely connected to the fact that there is a scene in episode seven filmed in Grand Central Terminal (mislabeled Grand Central Station in the show — the train part of the station is a terminal, the subway area is a station). The action does indeed go into the subway system, but the staircase Jonah runs down actually leads to the food court and the lower level tracks of the train station not to the subway area.

Lower level of Bowery subway station

Then, a scene purportedly taking place at the 42nd Street-Grand Central Terminal subway station is actually filmed in the abandoned portion of the Bowery subway station, a popular film location because it is one of the few the MTA allows film crews to use. Like other shows, the production team added signs to make it seem like it might be at 42nd Street. You can see the Campbell Apartment and other hidden places in our popular tour of the secrets of Grand Central!