10. Times Square Midnight Moment

Jeffrey Gibson at Midnight Moment in Times SquarePhoto: Ka-Man Tse for Times Square Alliance

Every month a new video installation takes over the screens of Times Square at midnight for Midnight Moment, the world’s longest running digital art exhibition. This month from 11:57 PM to midnight, the screens will be taken over by Jeffrey Gibson, an artist of Choctaw and Cherokee descent in “She Never Dances Alone.”
The work combines elements of traditional Native American craft with the visual languages of modernism to draw powerful personal, cultural, and historical connections between the two. Gibson’s work across painting, sculpture, and installation is invariably vibrant and visually rich. He is known for using traditional Indigenous materials, including animal hides, glass beads, and tipi poles, alongside more contemporary mediums such as video, paint and ceramics to create wearable sculptural garments, stand-alone sculptures, mixed media paintings and immersive installations.
A special viewing will take place March 7th with a free, public performance by Sarah Ortegon leading into the Midnight Moment. This month’s Midnight Moment is presented by Times Square Arts, The Armory Show, Brooklyn Museum, Kavi Gupta, and Roberts Projects.
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