5. Fidi Arsenale in an Abandoned Irish Pub

Former Barleycorn PubPhoto courtesy FiDi Arsenale/Hot Air.

Just blocks from the World Trade Center, the abandoned Irish pub Barcleycorn has been reactivated as the art exhibition FiDi Arsenale opens. FiDi Arsenale features 16 emerging artists and architects, and is curated by Hot Air and Collin Clarke from the Brooklyn gallery Mery Gates.
Hot Air is led by designer Bika Rebek and Matt Shaw and is focused on providing an alternative platform for artists in New York City. Rebek, who is also an Adjunct Professor at Columbia University GSAPP and the principal of Some Place studio, tells Untapped New York, “We don’t have a permanent gallery space. We’re always occupying empty or abandoned or in-between spaces. Now we found this abandoned Irish pub.”