Immersive experiences have taken New York City by storm in recent times, from permanent art spaces like ARTECHOUSE to pop-ups like SuperReal, and shows like ZeroSpace. It’s not surprising that the city’s most notable museums are taking note. The American Museum of Natural History will open The Nature of Color this coming Monday, March 9th with preview days for members of the Museum beginning today. Our Untapped New York Insider, Mickey Blank who runs the popular Facebook page New York Live with Mickey shared us these photographs for the new exhibition.
Interactive color wall at The Nature of Color
The Nature of Color takes the theme of color literally from the first steps up to the Museum to the installations inside — but is about much more than just visual stimuli. The show, which is part of the Museum’s 150th anniversary celebration, explores how color holds information from nature and how it impacts the creatures of the earth, including ourselves.
Some of the questions that will be answered in The Nature of Color include where the colors of the rainbow come from, why animals need to stand out from the surroundings and others survive by blending in, why some colors are associated with happiness and others with sadness, and why is pink supposed to be a feminine color?
Dinosaurs bathed in light in The Nature of Color
”Color is all around us, shaping our emotions, our actions, and our surroundings, yet we often take it for granted,” said Museum President Ellen V. Futter. “This immersive exhibition will explore the role and power of color in the natural world, in human cultures, and in our personal lives. A key component of the Museum’s 150th Anniversary celebration, this exhibition does what the Museum does best: explore the intersection of science, nature, and culture in ways that are engaging and exciting.”
The Nature of Color steps leading to American Museum of Natural History
Inside The Nature of Color, you’ll find a color changing room and light lab, interactive kiosks, floor-to-ceiling color play walls, as well as objects, media and models that visitors can explore and play with to understand the world of color. Rooms are themed by color, so you can explore everything to do with the color red, green, blue, yellow, and more. One room lets you explore the color of you, with an array of faces categorized by Pantone color.

Red Room at The Nature of ColorThe Red Room. Photo by D. Finnin/©AMNH

The Nature of Color opens on March 9th. Next, check out the Top 12 Secrets of the American Museum of Natural History!