10. Ohana

Ohana Hibachi Seafood Steakhouse

The only Japanese restaurant on the island, Ohana, located at 500 City Island Avenue, offers a hibachi dining experience with a special emphasis on seafood. Opened a decade and a half ago, Ohana, which means “family” in Japanese, houses a number of hibachi tables in its large dining room with red and white walls and traditional Japanese artwork. To accommodate to the local population, Ohana also offers a selection of Japanese and Puerto Rican fusion options as well.
Appetizers range from Japanese-American classics like shrimp tempura and shrimp gyoza, karaage, deep-fried chicken, and hibachi scallops in addition to tostones, green plantains. Hibachi combinations include choices of chicken, steak, shrimp, lobster, scallops, and filet mignon, all served with shrimp appetizer, fried rice, and assorted vegetables. Other hibachi options include calamari, salmon, and red snapper.
In addition to a selection of sushi and sashimi with popular options like the Ohana Dragon roll with eel and chopped tuna, Ohana offers a Jap “A” Rican Dinner with eight different components: miso soup, mixed salad, shrimp appetizer, chicken, white rice, Puerto Rican beans, plantains, and dessert.
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