9. November 10-29, 2007

Inside the Times Square Theatre
The 2007 Broadway stagehand strike, which lasted for 19 days, was led by the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees Local One, resulting in the closure of 31 theaters and 27 shows. The strike cost the city $2 million per day, or close to $40 million at the end of the strike. This was the first IATSE strike in the union’s 121-year history. Stagehand contract issues included loosening load-in rules (in effect when a show moves into a theater), overtime work during load-ins, wage cuts, and increases in stagehand responsibilities during performance calls (eight performances per week).
At the end of the strike, the union and producers agreed that union workers were to receive significant raises, and stagehands could be dismissed during load-ins. Additionally, stagehands received double pay for working an hour after the show finished.