4. Nowadays Livestreaming

Nowadays, a popular dance club, will be livestreaming music and technical how-to’s every night this week.

Nowadays, a popular dance club in Ridgewood, Queens, will be streaming live every night from 8pm until midnight. The livestreams will range from community programming to DJing tutorials. Their schedule for the week is as follows:

Tuesday 3/17: Virtually Nowadays: Ma Sha & Circe’s Hone Social CDJ 101 workshop + DJing afterward
Wednesday 3/18: Virtually Nowadays: Planetarium with Hypnotic Spa, Luxury Skin and Rena Anakwe
Thursday 3/19: Virtually Nowadays: Jasmine Infiniti & Gia
Friday 3/20: Virtually Nowadays: Aurora Halal & DJ Python
Saturday 3/21: Virtually Nowadays: Physical Therapy & Jubilee
Sunday 3/22: Virtually Nowadays: Mister Sunday & Soul Summit Music