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It’s day four of our coronavirus daily news digest. The cases are rising fast, with testing capacity increasing. We urge our readers to take social distancing and isolation seriously. As we reported yesterday, Governor Cuomo believes the peak is going to happen in about 45 days which means the number of cases reported is nowhere near the reality in the populace. If you are able to stay home, do so as much as you can. If you can’t (we know New York City is a city of service workers who may not have a choice), practice social distancing. Precautions may save your life and many others.

Latest Numbers

As of the latest update on the New York State Department of Health websitethere are 4152 positive cases in New York State. 2469 are in New York City.

1000-Bed Hospital Ship Coming to New York Harbor

This news came out after our daily newsletter was sent out yesterday. Governor Cuomo announced that President Trump had approved the deployment of the 1000-bed Navy hospital ship the USNS Comfort to New York Harbor. Read more about the boat here, which was last in New York City after 9/11.

Second Coronavirus Relief Bill Passes

Yesterday, Congress has passed the second coronavirus relief bill and President Trump has signed it into law. This isn’t the plan to offer checks to every American, that may come in a third bill to come. But this bill provides funding for many existing key programs like the Women, Infants and Children (WIC) nutrition program, Emergency Food Assistance Program, the Defense Health Program. It also offers up to two weeks paid seek leave for those who have been tested for coronavirus, being treated for it, or told by a doctor or government official to stay home because of exposure or symptoms. In addition, it includes free COVID-19 testing with no co-pays or deductibles.
Governor Cuomo also signs a bill to guarantee paid leave for New Yorkers under mandatory or precautionary quarantine due to COVID-19.

Two Members of Congress Test Positive

Reps. Mario Diaz-Balart (R-Florida) and Ben McAdams (D-Utah) are the first to test positive for coronavirus in Congress. They had contact with other members of Congress to the Capitol physician is on the task. Many members are already self-quarantining.

No New Cases of Coronavirus in China

Some hope from Wuhan, ground zero for the coronavirus epidemic. There were no new cases reported yesterday. TIME magazine writes, “The news offered a rare glimmer of hope for the rest of the world as it battles the virus, and perhaps a lesson in the strict measures needed to halt its spread.”

Kevin Bacon Announces Six Degrees of Social Distancing

Before there were memes, there was the six degrees of Kevin Bacon. The joke posited that everyone was within six degrees of Bacon, because of the sheer number of movies he had done. Those who came of age in the ’90s will remember it. Well, Bacon is taking advantage of the pre-meme to encourage people to stay home. In a video posted on social media, he says, “Hi, folks. You know me, right? I’m technically only six degrees away from you.”


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#IStayHomeFor @kikkosedg! Hey everybody, it’s now so important to stay home and keep our distance from others if you are able. It’s one way we can help prevent the spread of #Coronavirus and save lives. The more of us who can, make it safer for those who can’t. So if you’re home too like me, post a video or photo with a sign like mine, telling who you are staying home for and ask 6 friends to do the same. Post it with the hashtag #IStayHomeFor so I can see and share. The more folks involved, the merrier – We’re all connected by various degrees (Trust me, I know!) I’m kicking it off with @jimmyfallon @eltonjohn @Brandicarlile @kevinhart4real @ddlovato @davidbeckham – but I encourage YOU ALL to join in too! Let’s use this 6 Degree thing to do some good! . . . . #Corona #Coronavirus #StayHome #StaySafe #6Degrees #ThinkingOfYou #SpreadTheWord

A post shared by Kevin Bacon (@kevinbacon) on Mar 18, 2020 at 8:03am PDT


Filling out the Census

Something to do while we’re all waiting this out: you can fill out the 2020 Census online.

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