Yesterday, Aaron Asis, our Untapped New York Artist in Residence and founder of Unforgotten Films documented the city’s nearly empty transit hubs and sparsely traversed streets. He practiced social distancing throughout the process of collecting these images (and was not out on assignment). He tells us, “To be honest…I couldn’t believe my eyes or my ears. It was painful, weird, sobering, and heartwarming for New Yorkers to abandon the streets by the millions.  It’s so hard to put any of this into words…I don’t even think the pictures really get it.”
Asis went to Penn Station, Grand Central, the World Trade Center Oculus, Washington Square Park, Times Square, and the side streets of Times Square where the Broadway theaters have been shut down for more than a week. It’s ok to take walks, the New York Times reports from the advice of experts they interviewed — just stay six feet apart. Since we’re not yet in a shelter in place situation, also check out some of the largest parks in the five boroughs where you may be able to explore without seeing another soul. See below for highlights of each location:

Grand Central Terminal

Empty Grand Central

Penn Station

Empty Penn Station

Times Square

Empty Times Square

World Trade Center Oculus

Empty World Trade Center Oculus-


Empty Times Square streets

Washington Square Park

Empty Washington Square Park
Scroll up to the slideshow at top of page for more images by Asis of empty New York City.
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