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It’s day five of our coronavirus daily news digest. After a full week, we’ll admit that we’re feeling a little weary this morning. The numbers of coronavirus cases keepsincreasing, but Governor Cuomo reassures that it’s just a matter of increased testing. We’ve been having daily Facetime conference calls with the Untapped New York team, but as natural explorers, it’s hard to stay contained for so much of the day. We’re working on projects though and hope to share some of them with you soon.

Latest Numbers

For this morning, the New York State Department of Health website is a bit lagging on the numbers (last update as of yesterday at 1:20 PM). As of last night, Bill de Blasio announced there were 3,954 confirmed cases in New York City and 22 deaths. By borough: Brooklyn: 1,195 cases, Queens: 1,042, Manhattan: 1,038, Bronx: 496, Staten Island: 179.

State of California Asked to Shelter in Place

The Governor of California has issued a state-wide shelter in place order (previously shelter-in-place was only applicable to San Francisco and Los Angeles) affecting 40 million residents. The New York Times reports that this is the “most drastic measure any governor has taken to control the virus, and a decision that Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo of New York, which has far more cases than California, has resisted taking.” Cuomo has repeatedly said that he does not want to create a pandemic of fear.

Economic Stabilization Package Mulled in Senate

The Senate is trying to fast-track a $1 trillion economic stabilization package which would include the checks to Americans. The New York Times reports, “Republicans presented a bill that would offer bridge loans of up to $10 million each to small businesses, extend hundreds of billions of dollars in loans to large corporations in distressed industries and send checks as large as $1,200 per adult to individuals earning less than $99,000 per year. The payments would phase in for earners up to $75,000 — meaning lower earners would get smaller checks — and then phase out again at $99,000. Those who did not earn enough to pay income tax would receive much less: $600.” This is a revision to an earlier idea from treasury secretary Steve Mnuchin who wanted to offer two checks of $1000 in April and May to every American, regardless of income.

Mortgages Payments and Taxes Extended

You will likely be able to extend your 2019 tax payments for 90 days, says the Trump administration. Foreclosures and evictions in public housing will be suspended until end of April. New York State sales tax for businesses still looks like it’s due today however. Federal regulators, who handle the Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae mortgages, are ordering lenders to offer mortgage reduction or suspension of payments up to 12 months. This only covers half of the mortgages in the United States, but NPR reports that the rest of the mortgage industry is expected to follow suit. New York State has ordered a 90-day suspension on mortgage payments. Both plans may require borrowers to have to show hardship, not all details are ready yet.

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