Announcing our first virtual tour! Produced in partnership with Dharcy Video Tours, this 60 minute tour of Grand Central Terminal will make you feel like you are literally on tour with our Chief Experience Officer Justin Rivers! And it’s only $4.99 (discount for Untapped New York Insiders on our members-only Facebook group page).
Before the coronavirus hit, close to a million people passed through Grand Central every day, yet very few know the many stories and secrets which you will learn on this tour. On this unique virtual walking tour you will discover the origins and history of the Beaux Arts train station, from its glittering glory days to disrepair and modern quests to save it. You will experience what most miss: its hidden features, design quirks, and much more.
By the end of this virtual tour you are sure to end up having learned, seen, and experienced something new and extraordinary. In the preview below, you will hear Justin making sure that everyone knows that it’s Grand Central terminal not station! You’ll even get to see the hidden tennis courts in the virtual tour. Get this tour here!

We know that these days, Grand Central looks more like the below, but this video was filmed when the terminal was bustling — something that hopefully will return in due order. Robyn Roth-Moise, the granddaughter of architect Emory Roth says of our popular Grand Central tour, “I have done it in person twice because it is so great. Highly recommend. Justin is the best.” In the meantime, join us to discover tons of fascinating things on the virtual tour!
Empty Grand Central