10. Tom Fruin’s Watertowers

Tom Fuin's watertower

Using over 1,000 scraps of plexiglas, artist Tom Fruin created a number of rooftop watertowers at locations like 20 Jay Street and 334 Furman Street, the latter of which is in Brooklyn Bridge Park. Fruin’s sculptures can be viewed from a number of vantage points such as in Dumbo, Lower Manhattan, and the Brooklyn Bridge. Fruin’s colorful works, often made from recycled materials, can be seen in cities like Prague, Copenhagen, and Milwaukee.

Fruin’s watertowers are in direct sight of the sun, making for kaleidoscopic light displays. His sculpture Watertower 3: RV Ingersoll is even illuminated at night due to the solar powered system provided by Lumi•Solair. Fruin’s style of artwork is described as ”where you take a lot of disparate material and you put it together to make a larger whole that’s something different.”