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Despite the arrival of spring, for the time being we can’t delight much in exploring our exciting city by foot. While you can join us (for free!) on our virtual talks and tours with code STAYHOME, you can also discover a treasure trove of useful tools pertaining to local geography on your own time. Municipal and art institutions, and even some armchair historians and cartographers, have created multiple interactive maps and tours to give you the whole urban explorer experience, virtually and with context. Start your journey with these links:

1. NYC Landmarks Preservation Map

Brown Building on Landmarks Preservation Story Map

Just last week, the Landmarks Preservation Commission released a new story map celebrating 55 years of its history. Listed by decade, you can read a recap of that particular ten year history and then scroll through a timeline and then photographic highlights of buildings that were landmarked.

Untapped New York partnered with the Landmarks Preservation Commission to supply the image for the above building, the Brown Building, better known as the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory building — the scene of the horrible factory fire in 1911. The building is now part of NYU campus.