6. NYC LGBT Historic Sites Project

LGBT Historical Sites Project

The New York City LGBT Historic Sites Project aims to keep uncovering LGBT history and making it available for the community to discover virtually or in-person. Its map can be filtered by cultural significance, by neighborhood, by era or LGBT category. Click on a marker and get to more information about a particular person and site. You can see our previous coverage, regarding a handpicking of ten notable sites from the project.

On a similar note, although not updated within the last few years, the OUTgoing map represents a one-of-a-kind effort to document historic locations of gay nightlife from the 1800s to 2015. Over 969 nighttime spots – bars, clubs, bathhouses, coffee houses, cruising areas, late-night diners, and more are pinpointed throughout the 5 boroughs, marked as either “Current” or “Historic.” My advice? Look up the name of a bar and then plumb the depths of Google to find out more. This map is not only fascinating but of the utmost importance for society as well, since much of queer history is in danger of being forgotten.