Photo: Marc Hom/SHOWTIME

It’s the fifth and final season of Billions the financial criminal drama on Showtime. An attempt at detente between Axe Capital head Bobby Axelrod (Damien Lewis) and US District Attorney Chuck Rhoades (Paul Giamatti) in season four ended back where we started and the first episode of season five reaffirms that while adding a new adversary for Axe: Corey Stoll playing another hedge funder, Michale Prince. Taylor Mason (Asia Kate Dillon) is playing both sides, working for Axelrod again but supposedly informing on him to Rhoades. Each season of Billions has seen more and more filming locations in New York City. We’ve discovered that there have been some inaccuracies in fan listed film locations we’ve seen elsewhere online, so consider this a definitive guide to film locations in Billions.

Season 5

1. Axe Capital Offices

Billions filming locations, Axe Capital office
Photo: Jeff Neumann/SHOWTIME

In the third season, Axe Capital moved its offices to Manhattan from Connecticut. The aerial shot of the building this season indicates that it’s still the same, at 855 Sixth Avenue, a building by COOKFOX Architects right near Herald Square. Taylor Mason’s team and the Axe Capital team are not getting along, at all. Wendy Rhoades, as usual, is trying to broker a peace between the two sides and in the opening of the season, hasn’t quite figured out how to do it. The appearance of WWE wrestler, The Man (aka Becky Lynch) is a first successful step.