55. Saint Stanislas Kostka Church

Photo: Jeff Neumann/SHOWTIME

The season finale isn’t the first time Rhoades meets with Oliver Dake at the Saint Stanislas Kostka Church on Driggs Avenue and Humboldt Street in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Saint Stanislas Kostka is a Polish Catholic church, founded in 1896 during a time when Greenpoint was heavily settled by German Protestants. The church was constructed in 1903 at a sum the historical account of the church considers “staggering” at $75,000. Some key interior details were added in 1914, which included the marble pulpit, the painting of the church itself, and others.

In this scene, Rhoades tries to convince Dake to ignore his family’s role in the Ice Juice investment to no avail and when Dake clearly won’t have anything to do with him, Rhoades warns him to have a lot of body bags when he goes to arrest Axe.