4. Barney Greengrass, The Sturgeon King

Photo: Jeff Neumann/SHOWTIME

Located on the Upper West Side at 541 Amsterdam Avenue and 86th Street, Barney Greengass The Sturgeon King is a New York City institution. The Jewish deli has been open since 1908. Chuck heads there first on his mission to gain influence with police commissioner Richie Sansome, who rebuffs his offer. Chuck needs to get a gun permit for Brogan, which sets of a chain of maneuvers across a day. Little does the police commissioner know that Chuck had been listening in on his plight about a little league pitcher’s age.

Next, he heads to the Upper East Side to E.A.T., the deli and restaurant by Eli Zabar (one of the three Zabar brothers) to catch Freddie Eisen at breakfast to see what he might want, in order to get an introduction to the ambassador from the Dominican Republic. Turns out, Eisen wants tickets to the Central Synagogue’s Hanukkah show, so from there, Chuck goes to Michael’s at 24 W. 55th Street to meet Donnie, who can help Chuck get the tickets. But Donnie wants first tracks at Deer Valley, the ski resort near Park City, Utah. So from there, Chuck heads to.