12. Craft

Craft, in a scene from season two. The location appears again in season three. Photo: Jeff Neumann/SHOWTIME

Ira makes two attempts to propose to his girlfriend at Craft, the restaurant by Tom Colicchio located at 43 E. 19th Street. The first, after his girlfriend gets 20 grams of truffle on her pasta, shown in painful slow motion, is a failed affair. He hopes that maybe she’ll marry him for love, rather than money, but she wants the status wedding. Why he tries again is anyone’s guess, as she seems pretty terrible. But after selling his soul to Axelrod, he returns with a ring. We’re pretty confident this isn’t going to end well for Ira – who should know better than to underestimate Chuck. You’ll recognize Craft from the terra-cotta columns and exposed bulb lighting that hangs from the ceiling, a design by Bentel & Bentel, that melded original details with modern design.