18. Donahue’s Steak House

Photo: Jeff Neumann/SHOWTIME

Donahue’s Steak House, located at 845 Lexington Avenue, is another New York City institution. Founded in 1950 the steakhouse is still run by the Donahue family and known for the down to earth experience and reasonable prices. In 2015, a long time customer left two $50,000 tips in his will for Maureen Donahue-Peters who runs the place and her niece, also named Maureen. In 2017, Eater reported that Donahue’s would be staying put at least for another decade.

Chuck meets with Black Jack Foley there to discuss how his father is going to turn him in, hoping to get Foley’s help in strong arming his father not to. Later Chuck Rhoades Sr. meets with Senator Joe Sclari who tells him that the Kinsgford land, which Rhoades wants to build the casino, might be reassigned as a natural conservation area, which would render the land worthless.