28. The Nomad Hotel

Photo: Jeff Neumann/SHOWTIME

Oscar Laangstraat invites Taylor to a date/business dinner where he’s celebrating an investment with Peyton Breen, who started Genomtech Atlas, an app that can map a person’s genome. Taylor asks Axe to make the reservation at The Nomad, so they can get special treatment (like a bottle of Dom Perignon P2, for example).

Later, Taylor finds out that Axe has swooped in and bought half of Breen’s company from under Langstraat. We see a scene that takes place in The Library Bar at The Nomad where Axe meets with Breen and asks what it would take to break the letter of intent with Laangstraat. When Taylor confronts Axe that he “sold out her relationship,” he tells her:

“Bought 50 percent of Breen’s company, at 200 million, which placed its paper value at 400 total. NASDAQ have already confirmed they are ready to accept our public offering at a valuation of 2. 4 billion. That is a billion added to the value of our balance sheets and 800 million in gains this month. It basically solves our problem.”