5. The Axelrod’s Hamptons House

The $83 million dollar house (which Bobby ultimately pays $63 million in cash for) is used as a test by Rhoades, who believes that if Bobby is innocent of insider trading and other financial fraud, he will listen to the advice of his lawyer not to buy it. But if he is guilty, he’ll want to buy it to show that he’s not guilty. Rhoades gets a friend to put a bid on it in order to goad Bobby, who falls for it. The house here is in Southampton, located at 1610 Meadow Lane. As Curbed Hamptons reports, it’s owned by media executive Michael Loeb who built the house on a 9-acre property he bought for $21 million. The mansion has 12 rooms and 12 bathrooms and many amenities including pool, tennis court and media room.

6. Chuck Rhoades’ Townhouse

Photo: Jeff Neumann/SHOWTIME

As we see in season two, the address of Chuck and Wendy Rhoades’ townhouse is at 49 Pierrepont Street, which would be in tony Brooklyn Heights. The actual exterior film location for the townhouse is at 49 8th Avenue, in Park Slope. There is no building at 49 Pierrepont Street, but the closest townhouse is another corner one at 43 Pierrepont which is a multi-unit rental.

The 8 bedroom, 5 bathroom townhouse at 49 8th Avenue was last sold in 2010 for $2.691 million. As far as townhouses goes, it’s a stately one. It’s 6,500 square feet, 25 feet wide, and even has a ballroom.