8. Chuck Rhoades Sr.’s Fifth Ave Apartment

Photo: Jeff Neumann/SHOWTIME

Chuck Rhoades Sr. is Chuck’s meddlesome father who sees Chuck’s career as a way to make up for his own unfulfilled political aspirations. It’s clear through incidental conversation that Chuck Rhoades Sr. is also very wealthy and influential in New York City. He has a Hamptons house not far from Axelrod’s new mansion and he lives on Fifth Avenue, at supposedly 10101 Fifth Avenue.

There has been a little trick in the address here. The real location is 1010 Fifth Avenue, one of those pre-war Upper East Side co–op apartment buildings. This one happens to be located just across from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. A sale of one of the larger units, which we assume would be what Rhoade Sr. would own, went for $13.75 million in 2011.