12. Hunt & Fish Club

Photo: Jeff Neumann/SHOWTIME

Bobby interrupts a dinner between Kenneth Malverne and Garth, whom both are trying to get to invest in their funds. Bobby accuses Kenneth of poaching clients and the rivalry is obvious between the two of them. Kenneth is very risk averse and is proud of the length of his career. Garth tells Bobby on the side that he needs both returns and good optics, referencing Bobby’s recent legal and media troubles. Bobby still seems to win this round but he later calls Kenneth up when he needs some funds to tide him over on a short.

The scene is shot at the Hunt & Fish Club, a 10,000 square foot steakhouse in Times Square with interiors designed by Roy Nachum and Studio Iyor. According to the restaurant’s website, the space contains 50,000 pounds of marble and a “40’×20′ reflective chrome light installation,” in the White Room, which you see in the scene in Billions. The building is the former Hotle Gerard, built in 1893 and a New York City landmark.