25. Lonnie Watley’s Apartment on the Upper West Side

In an earlier episode, when Dimonda tracks down Lonnie Watley in Columbus Park, Downtown Brooklyn he tells him “Brooklyn is Paris now, if you know where to look. But this is a strange land to you, right? You’re from the Upper West? What a shitty commute, to the Eastern District no less? That’s like being traded from the Pats to the Titans.”

Chuck visits Lonnie at his apartment at 194 Riverside Drive between 91st and 92nd Street, when he decides he needs to play a similar game that the hedge fund managers are playing – ensuring that no matter how the market goes, they’re covered. Lonnie and Chuck talk about the problems with Judge Wilcox, as Chuck has reconsidered his stance on the judge. “Look into Wilcox, go wherever it leads,” he instructs Lonnie.