12. Unadilla Drive-In Theatre (1706 State Highway 7, Unadilla, NY 13849)

The Unadilla Drive-In Theatre in Ostego County, NY celebrated 61 years in business at the close of the 2017. Open since 1956, Unadillla Drive-In has kept up with the times by renovating the snack bar, updating the sound system and FM transmitter and converting to digital projection. The theatre has weekly giveaways that include prizes such as free movie tickets and snacks. Even if you lose the sweepstakes, a visit to this theatre is always a win since you can catch a double feature of first-run movies for only eight dollars and while most drive-in theaters charge a permit fee if you bring your own snacks, Unadilla let’s you bring goodies from home free of charge.

There were rumored plans for a trailer park to take over the theatre’s land in 2000 but it was instead bought by current owners Eric and Marcia Wilson. The Wilsons purchased the theater to preserve its nostalgia. Now, the daily operations are mostly carried out by their children and manager. Unadilla Drive-In has not stated yet when they will re-open.