11. Brooklyn Museum

Night and Day Sculpture Penn Station at Brooklyn Museum

At the Brooklyn Museum, the Steinberg Family Sculpture Garden, although closed currently, houses over 40 sculptures predominantly made between the years 1880 and 1910 by anonymous craftsmen. Created in 1966, the garden also features a number of works by well-known artists like Louis Sullivan and Gutzon Borglum. According to their website, “Scrolls and garlands, fruit and flowers, cornucopias and shells, and geometric and foliate patterns abound, as do human and animal forms and fantastic creatures.”

Partial Column, from Penn Station, 31st to 33rd Streets between 7th and 8th Avenues, NYC (demolished 1964)

Among the garden’s works is Night, a slumbering female figure designed by Charles Follen McKim and once stood beside a huge clock at the original Pennsylvania Station, along with a partial column from the station. Schultze and Weaver designed a series called Keystone with Head of Bearded Man that were originally at the now-demolished Park Lane Hotel. Originally at the Coney Island High Pressure Pumping Station, Irwin Chanin’s Double Pegasus depicts two winged horses in flight. Other notable works include Hugo Haase’s Lion, a park bench by J.W. Fiske Co., and Carl Milles’ Urn.