7. Hudson River Park

Hudson River Park sculpture offshoot by Mark Gibian

Hudson River Park is known for its amazing views of the river and neighboring New Jersey, but the park is also home to a number of sculptures between Clinton and Tribeca. While many of these sculptures are very notable, others are a bit more obscure or hidden away in the park.

Perhaps most well-known is Malcolm Cochran’s Private Passage, consisting of a 30’ x 8’6” wine bottle resting on its side. The bottle’s interior also contains a stateroom from the Queen Mary ocean liner. Further south in Hell’s Kitchen is Senes, an abstract stainless steel sculpture by William Crovello. In Chelsea, expect to find Long Time, a working water wheel that turns with the tides, as well as a stone garden named Stonefield. Greenwich Village is home to The Apple, designed by Stephan Weiss out of bronze, and the AIDS Memorial, while Tribeca houses three Serpentine Structures made of steel pipe which has been rolled, notched and welded as well as Offshoot by Mark Gibian.