15. Takashi (Opened 2010)

Takashi Late Night Ramen

We were also very sad to hear about the permanent closing of Takashi, the Korean barbeque joint in the West Village serving up all things beef. In the restaurant’s own description, “Our menu is beef, all beef, and nothing but beef!”. We had included this restaurant in our book New York Hidden Bars & Restaurants for its late night ramen evenings, after hours which were by reservation only. You’d see the 34-seat restaurant packed beyond a “Sorry We’re Closed” sign. A decadent beef broth ramen would be served, in broth made over the course of 24 hours by simmering beef bones with garlic, ginger, and herbs.

Takashi was created by Chef Takashi Inoue, who sadly passed away in 2017 at the age of 40 from a respiratory illness, and Saheem Ali. Inoue was born in Japan to third-generation Korean immigrants, and his cuisine was a blend of both cultures. Ali kept the restaurant going after Takashi’s death as a tribute to his mission but tells Eater that the restaurant won’t survive the coronavirus pandemic.