18. Cherry Point (Opened 2016)

Cherry Point Restaurant Brooklyn

In March, Cherry Point, an English-inspired farm-to-table bistro, shut its doors to the Greenpoint community. A rather classy eatery, Cherry Point opened in May 2016 in a former Polish butcher shop. The independent restaurant was run by owner Vince Mazeau and featured a meat and cheese-heavy menu of classic American and English fare.

The menu featured a number of cheese and charcuterie options as well as a selection of starters like burrata and steak tartare. Among entrees were its double patty burger with pickles and peppers, steak frites with a steak butchered in house, and pan-seared young chicken. Although the eatery has closed its doors, it launched a relief fund in which proceeds will be evenly split among employees, and within just a few weeks the restaurant raised $10,000.

“One of the greatest challenges of my life is to have opened my first restaurant and the greatest joy is to have meet the many indefatigable individuals in the industry …. and now, a devastating collective experience takes us all down,” the eatery wrote on Instagram. “Cherry Point and countless other restaurants are out of business for the foreseeable future. We were fortunate to have met so many extraordinarily warm, unique, creative, cool, and wonderfully spirited and generous neighbors in Greenpoint, Brooklyn and all the more so our staff … they took it up to 11.”