19. Nix (Opened 2016)

NIX restaurant

The Michelin-starred vegetarian restaurant Nix announced on June 10th that it would be permanently closing. The Greenwich Village eatery was co-owned by chef John Fraser and Conde Nast editorial director James Truman. Fraser also owned the now-closed fine dining restaurant Dovetail on the Upper West Side and owns North Fork Table & Inn in Southold. Nix closed due to the declining economic conditions surrounding COVID-19.

Nix was known for its diverse selection of vegetarian dishes pulling from countries around the world, from Mediterranean hummus and labneh with Indian papadum to sauteed mushrooms in Hong Kong-style XO sauce. Smaller plates ranged from Tandoor-roasted beet salad with tamarind to tofu-skin pockets with sweet potato to Kabocha squash dumplings. Their “bolder” plates consisted of fairly pricey options like cauliflower tempura with steamed buns, Shiitake “cacio e pepe”, and Garnett yam massaman curry with lily bulb and jackfruit.

“We were four years old, almost to the day, when Covid obligated us to close,” Nix wrote on their Facebook page. “Everything that’s happened since has shown us that there is no path back to where we had been: an intimate, busy restaurant that was able to pay its staff fairly, serve its neighborhood, maintain exacting standards of excellence, and still operate as a (more-or-less) sustainable business. If we could ever achieve that again, it will not be this year. Or next. And, in downtown Manhattan, maybe not for a good while.”