New York City is no stranger to quirky vending machines and ATMs. On the streets of New York, you can get gold, cupcakes, an engagement ring, and more from sidewalk kiosks. It’s no surprise then that some enterprising folks have created a face mask vending machine in response to the coronavirus pandemic. The first face mask ATM appeared on Delancey Street on the Lower East Side, run by, which is selling KN95 masks for $4 each, or $3 of you buy a pack of 3 or 5. The machine accepts bills, coins and credit card.

Face Mask ATM storefront on Delancey Street

It’s pricier than you may find online for KN95 masks, but this is New York City we suppose. RapidMask2Go is also planning to open a full store at the same location at 164 Delancey Street, in the former location of Inokim, an electric scooter company. There’s another mask vending machine also located in Brooklyn at 3015 Stillwell Avenue on Coney Island. The company is looking to franchise the vending machines, here in New York City and around the country.

Face Mask ATM detail

Face Mask ATM on Delancey Street

As New York City inches closer to being able to re-open, political leaders are pushing residents to continue wearing masks and social distance. Just this week, New York State revealed the winning “Wear a Mask” PSA video.

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