Glen Cove MansionGlen Cove Mansion

New York City officially reopens today, but Nassau and Suffolk counties reopened for phase 1 on May 27th. Although most beaches are closed to New York City residents, many downtowns and parks across Long Island are opening up. In Nassau County specifically, many restaurants have been reopening for takeout and delivery across the county’s two cities, three towns, 64 villages, and over 100 unincorporated areas. And phase two of reopening for Nassau County is expected to begin this week, which will include outdoor dining.

For those looking to escape the city for a weekend and explore Long Island, here is our guide to Nassau County’s must-see areas.

1. Glen Cove

Glen Cove LIRR stopGlen Cove is served by the Long Island Railroad

The City of Glen Cove is one of the most diverse communities in Nassau County. Glen Cove was part of the North Shore’s Gold Coast, which attracted wealthy barons like J.P. Morgan, Charles Pratt, and F.W. Woolworth. The city grew in part due to its manufacturing scene at sites like the Duryea Corn Starch factory. Above, the Glen Cove Mansion at 200 Dosoris Lane, once known as “The Manor,” belonged to John Teele Pratt, an attorney and executive for the Standard Oil Company, and Ruth Baker Pratt, the first Republican congresswoman from New York state. Killenworth, George DuPont Pratt’s estate, was eventually purchased by the Soviet Union, and Nikita Khruschev and Fidel Castro both stayed at Killenworth while visiting the United Nations.

Glen Cove Dosoris Pond

Today, the city boasts a thriving downtown with a number of historic sites and natural features. Glen Cove features a number of historic mansions and estates like “The Manor,” and a number of properties like the U.S. Post Office built during the Great Depression are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Although most are for residents only, Glen Cove is home to three public beaches (Crescent, Morgan & Pryibil) and three public parks (Stanco, Dennis Brian Murray (Leech Circle) & Big Ralph). Glen Cove is also home to Welwyn Preserve, which originally housed the estate of oil industrialist Harold I. Pratt. The preserve houses a butterfly garden, salt marsh, and the Holocaust Memorial and Tolerance Center of Nassau County. Although currently closed, Glen Cove is also home to the Garvies Point Museum, a center for research on Long Island geology and Native American archaeology.

Glen Cove’s downtown is rather extensive, featuring dozens of restaurants and stores doing curbside pickup. Popular eateries range from Meritage Wine Bar to Sopah Thai Kitchen to Riviera Grill. For a taste of authentic Central and South American food, El Tazumal serves up Salvadoran cuisine while Punto Rojo Cafe offers Colombian fare.