From the book cover of Silent Cities New York: Hidden Histories of the Region’s Cemeteries

Today at noon, join us for a virtual talk on Calvary Cemetery, New York’s City of the Dead. If you’ve traveled through LaGuardia Airport there’s a good chance you’ve driven past Calvary Cemetery in Queens. The seemingly endless rolling tombstones bank one side of the Brooklyn Queens Expressway, presenting a city of the dead right in front of the Manhattan skyline in the distance.

Calvary Cemetery Johnston Mausoleum

In terms of interments, Calvary Cemetery is the largest cemetery in the United States. With three million, the dead outnumber the 2.2 million living in Queens. But Calvary is more about sheer expanse. The stories within its walls tell of the development of the city, its life-blood: the immigrants that make New York City what it is today. Author Jessica Ferri will present a virtual tour through Calvary Cemetery and Mount Zion Cemetery from her recently published book, Silent Cities New York: Hidden Histories of the Region’s Cemeteries.

This live talk is organized for Untapped New York Insiders — get two months free with code STAYHOME. A video of the talk will also be made available to all our Insiders afterwards in the Video Archive section of our website.