3. F. Scott Fitzgerald House

F. Scott Fitzgerald House Great NeckF. Scott Fitzgerald House

Although many people remember the extravagance and wealth of West Egg in The Great Gatsby, few know that West Egg corresponds to Great Neck, where author F. Scott Fitzgerald lived. Many residents have nicknamed a number of mansions in Kings Point the “Gatsby Mansion,” and all the way north on the peninsula is a street named Gatsby Lane. Yet, F. Scott Fitzgerald’s old home is a bit more obscure, situated at 6 Gateway Drive in Great Neck Estates. Fitzgerald lived at the Mediterranean-style home with his wife Zelda between October 1922 and April 1924 during the Roaring Twenties.

The home has been recently renovated, but many of the original features from the 1918 remain, like arched windows and a wood-burning fireplace. It is believed that Fitzgerald wrote the first three or so chapters of The Great Gatsby in a room about the home’s garage. As of 2015, the home was valued at slightly under $4 million.