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Setauket, in Suffolk County, is a quaint village on Long Island dotted with numerous historic sites dating back to the 17th and 18th centuries and a natural waterfront that harkens back to the early days of American settlement. Setauket and East Setauket, located near Stony Brook, was the site of the Culper Ring, an American Revolutionary War spy ring organized by George Washington and run by Setauket residents Benjamin Tallmadge and Abraham Woodhull. The town became a national name with the AMC show TURN, which was inspired by the story of the Culper Spy Ring.

The 1777 Battle of Setauket took place at the site of the current Setauket Presbyterian Church. Many of Setauket’s structures are well-preserved and mixed with newer homes and businesses, and most of the sites on this list are accessible via walking or biking. Setauket was also the childhood home of Untapped New York’s founder Michelle Young, who lived on Strong’s Neck. Here is our guide to 12 places to discover in Setauket. On July 15th, she will be giving a virtual tour of the historic spots in Setauket for Untapped New York Insiders.

1. Historic Setauket Post Office

Setauket Post Office

The historic Setauket post office on Main Street dates back to 1941 and designed in the Greek revival style, listed on the National Register for Historic Places. The historic post office has been in danger over the last decade, as P.O. boxes decreased to 40% occupancy, yet rallies have been held to keep it open. The community donated more than $150,000 to restore the post office building in the late 2000s. The post office sits next to Frank Melville Memorial Park, the site of the Revolutionary War’s Battle of Setauket in 1777. Real window shutters on the post office in a forest green color give it that authentic, historic feel. Inside, old PO boxes line the small lobby of the post office and you’ll be greeted by Stephanie, a long-time USPS postal worker who knows everyone’s names.