10. Site of Home of Abraham Woodhull

The home of leading Culper Ring member Abraham Woodhull no longer exists, as it burnt down in 1931, but a sign marks the spot of Woodhull’s home. The house marker notes that the original structure was constructed in 1690. The bricks of Woodhull’s old home were used to make his memorial at the Presbyterian Church and the house that stands there now is architecturally similar to the original.

Woodhull used the alias “Samuel Culper,” a play on Culpeper County, Virginia, while spying on the British. Woodhull lived by fellow leader Benjamin Tallmadge, and while living at the home, he would plan trips to Manhattan to collect information from British officers at boarding homes. Woodhull sent his findings to whaleboat operator Caleb Brewster, who took this information across the Long Island Sound to Tallmadge. Tallmadge would then hand-deliver the intelligence to General George Washington.